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About Pet Siting

A pet sitter offers numerous advantages to both yourself and to your pets.
Remaining in their home environment greatly reduces the stress that can be caused by your absence. In addition, your pets’ visits are customized so as to allow them to follow as closely as possible the routines they are familiar with. Peace Of Mind Pet Sitting tends to your pet’s emotional well being as well as her physical needs, and keeps you updated on your pet’s daily activities either by email or with Pet Sitter Notes left for your review.
Routine visits to your home by Peace Of Mind Pet Sitting can deter crime and will give your home that lived-in look while you are away. Your pet sitter will insure that your plants are still cared for, mail and newspapers are brought in and trash will be brought out to the curb.
You no longer have to impose on family, friends and neighbors who are often very busy themselves. Best of all, when you arrive home your pet is there to greet you, happy with the “friend” you provided them with during your absence.